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The Seed-to-Sale System

You may be asking yourself: What is Seed-to-Sale? To put it simply, seed to sale means the farm keeps track of the entire manufacturing process from when the hemp seed is first planted until the product is packaged and distributed.

Some of us may know what seed to sale is if we have knowledge of the hemp industry and are familiar with the manufacturing process. For those who are unfamiliar you may be asking yourself: What is seed- to-sale?
To put it simply, seed to sale means the farm keeps track of the entire manufacturing process from when the hemp seed is first planted until the product is packaged and distributed. This is done so the company can oversee the manufacturing process to ensure each consumer receives the highest-grade CBD product on the market. Our seed-to-sale system is what sets Zelle Hemp apart from all other CBD companies who typically use third-party companies to complete one or more of the manufacturing steps.


What does the seed-to-sale process look like at Zelle Hemp Company?


Our seed-to-sale process consists of 4 primary steps: Plant, Harvest, Cure, and Distribute. This system is broken down into a detailed process that includes testing our product between each step to ensure we are meeting Zelle Hemp’s Standards of Production guidelines. This system also allows Zelle Hemp to keep a close eye on exactly where our product has been and where it’s going. This satisfies regulatory requirements, but it also helps us better meet consumer needs and provide more detailed information.


Now You Know the 4 Primary Steps in the Seed-to-Sale Process; Plant, Harvest, Cure, and Distribute.

What Happens in these different stages?


Plant Stage

Our hemp plants are farmed on 49 acres of soil in Tennessee. With the knowledge gathered from generations of expert farmers, Zelle Hemp is very particular with the very soil we plant on. Our farmers test small increments of soil to ensure a rich quality foundation is laid before the hemp seed is planted. Once the soil passes testing, our farmers then carefully plant our hemp seeds to start the growth process. It is crucial that this stage methodical and effective to ensure the success and health of each hemp plant. Our farmers maintain proper nutrients, lighting, oxygen levels, CO2 levels, and water levels throughout the growth and vegetation stage. This ensures our hemp plants grow properly. Zelle Hemp Company tests each plant during these stages consistently to avoid any possible stressors that will alter the sex and/or potential of the hemp plant. After months of growth, our farmers then perform additional testing before transitioning each hemp plant into its new nutrient setting for the flowering stage. This stage allows our hemp plants to stretch so they can fully transition into the budding stage where each plant becomes thicker and taller.

Harvest & Cultivation Stage

Once our hemp plants complete the budding stage and our farmers manually harvest each plant by cutting them at ground-level using tobacco knives or sheers. Our plants are then transported into our facility for drying. The drying stage of our hemp plants is very important as this can make or break the quality of our harvest at Zelle Hemp. Our farmers carefully dry out each hemp plant on racks and patiently wait until the plant is fully dry and ready for the next step of the process. Once the plant is fully dry, our farmers then trim the hemp plant and separate them into super sacs.

Curing Stage

From the very moment we harvest our hemp plants, they begin to break down compounds. We test each plant before the curing process to ensure our quality standard is the finest. Our hemp plants must be properly cured to avoid cannabinoids and terpenes breaking down into unfavorable compounds. To avoid these breakdowns, immediately after the hemp plant is trimmed, we place them into super sacs which are then referred to as biomass. This step controls the humidity exposure to protect the trimmed plants from mold and preserves the taste of the product. After this step, we test each super sac to ensure quality biomass is produced for the curing stage.

Our biomass is then transferred into cell one where it is processed into crude. During the crude process, we extract and separate the unwanted compounds using ethanol to ensure the natural molecules are not degraded before distillation. Once our facility processes the biomass into crude, we test it, then transfer the biomass into cell two where the product undergoes distillation. To maintain a consistent result, the components must be isolated, separated, and infused into the product during the distillation process. After this is complete, our manufacturing process ends with a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD Oil that is prepped for the bottling step.

Distribution Stage

Our Zelle Hemp Company quality-made CBD Oil is finally ready for the last step, distribution. Before our CBD product is shipped out to vendors and consumers, we make sure the packing process is complete and passes testing and quality control. Each bottle that houses our CBD oil is pre-cleaned in a large machine that washes and disinfects each bottle. Our bottles are then sorted and labeled according to their dosage, size, and flavor. Before the final product leaves our facility, it is tested one last time to maintain our Zelle Farms Standard of Production guidelines that guarantee a quality CBD product. Upon receiving orders, our CBD products are shipped and tracked to their final destination.

The Future of Seed-to-Sale

We always strive to produce the highest quality CBD product on the market, and we do so by using our seed-to-sale system. Our seed-to-sale system is a process that tracks every step of manufacturing from beginning to end. Zelle Hemp Company takes pride in producing grade-A CBD products ranging from oil, capsules, roll-ons, and even coffee – all of which are regulated by our Zelle Hemp Standards of Production guidelines. The future of seed-to-sale technology looks bright and we are proud to produce a product that sets the industry standard for CBD.


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