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What Is CBD?

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is one of the major chemical compounds that can be found in hemp or marijuana plants. Though it is derived from marijuana CBD is NOT psychoactive, will NOT get you high, and you will NOT feel “buzzed” or sedated. However, there is a very small chance that some people may feel some unwanted side effects, or a slight “buzz”, these are usually the same people that may feel strangely after taking over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen.

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The Best Benefits Of CBD?​

Real Effects

Real advocates of CBD claim that CBD can be used to ease a plethora of health issues, anything from anxiety all the way to significantly easing pains and discomfort. Though the only official benefit approved by the FDA is treatment for childhood epilepsy, many studies have been conducted to test these other claims.
Anxiety and PTSD – A study did not find an immediate change in response to stimuli, but found that CBD can greatly reduce the time needed to break associations between trauma and stimulus. Read the Study here.
Sleep and Depression – A scientific review found that CBD can act and start effective treatment for depression faster than traditional anti-depressants, and that many respondents had ease their symptoms of insomnia, but not all participants had their symptoms of insomnia eased. Read the Review here.
Pain Relief – A study which was conducted on rats and later reproduced successfully on to humans found that CBD helps to relieve a great deal of inflammatory and neuropathic pain. Read the Study on PubMed.
Cancer Related Symptoms – Many studies have been carried out concerning the effects of CBD during cancer treatment. One study has found that CBD can help reduce chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting better than the treatment that has been a standard push.


Is CBD Safe?​

Safety First

CBD has been found to be safe for consumption as a supplement for most people. Some side effects of CBD include nausea, fatigue, and irritability, it may also increase levels of some other medications much like how grapefruit juice does.

We recommend speaking with your doctor about possible interactions, and starting off on a smaller than recommended dose to avoid any adverse side effects.

Read more about the safety of CBD from Harvard Health here. >>


CBD Tinctures​

What Are They?

CBD Tinctures are made by processing the hemp flowers, or extract in an alcohol base, letting it sit in the base with small amounts of heat applied, then boiling off the alcohol. This pulls out only the best, most prevalent chemicals, and discards the others. Tinctures often include added natural flavors to help with consumption.


What are the different kinds of CBD?

Two Main Kinds of CBD at Zelle

The two main types of CBD that we process and offer here at Zelle Farms are: Full-Spectrum CBD, and Broad-Spectrum CBD.

Full-Spectrum CBD: What is it?

Full-Spectrum CBD refers to the extract that comes straight from the Hemp plant, with very little refinement. Full-Spectrum CBD contains most of the phytochemicals that are found in the Hemp plant, including CBD, CBG, and THC. Initial studies have shown that using a Full-Spectrum extract with the majority of the Hemp plant’s phytochemicals may help the extract to be the most effective type of extract. This is known as the Entourage Effect. Read more about Full-Spectrum CBD and the Entourage Effect here. While there is no guarantee that either extract is more effective or beneficial than the other, these are the effects most linked to Full-Spectrum CBD:
  • Aches and Pains Relief
  • Nausea Relief
  • Regained Appetite
  • Muscle Spasm Relief
  • Immune System Boost

Broad-Spectrum CBD: What is it?

Broad-Spectrum CBD is much like Full-Spectrum CBD in that it contains many of the phytochemicals found in the hemp plant, except for THC. In the refinement process to remove THC, some other phytochemicals are removed as well. Broad-Spectrum CBD still offers the “Entourage Effect” to a degree, and it is safe for consumption by those looking for the benefits of CBD but can not consume any THC. While there is no guarantee that either extract is more effective or beneficial than the other, these are the effects most linked to Broad-Spectrum CBD:
  • Inflammation Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Depression Relief
  • Improved Bone Health

CBD Isolate: What is it?

CBD Isolate is the last type of extract that gets made in the chain of refining. It has been further refined from Broad-Spectrum CBD, and contains the least amount of phytochemicals and highest amount of CBD in any kind of extract. CBD Isolate contains absolutely no THC.

Read more about CBD Isolate here.

CBD Isolate may provide the following benefits:

  • Immune System Boost  
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Vomit Prevention
  • Nervous System Recovery
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Prevention and Reduction of Seizures
  • Pain Relief