Zelle Hemp Company Member Program

The Zelle Hemp Affiliate Program is an amazing way for our supporters to get paid to continue being our supporters! Affiliates refer new customers to our website, whether those are friends and family, or social media followers. Every time one of those referrals.

Online business opportunity

Promote products intended to improve lives with science.

The Zelle Affiliate Program is made for people who are experience in sales and are ready to share their CBD story to the masses. Our team members have made it their mission to encourage others to take the leap of faith with CBD.

Every time the person you referred makes a purchase, you will earn a Commission plus discounts and vertical career opportunities.

If someone visits our website using your referral link or your QR-Code, our system will automatically ”remember that” you sent them our way. If they come back in that month and make a purchase, you will still get your commission. You take care of us, and we will take care of you.

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Though we do prefer that all of our team members try and believe in not just our products but our mission. It is not necessary to purchase anything to become a Zelle Affiliate.

There is no need to purchase items as stock to resell either, simply refer potential customers to the Zelle Hemp site and each referred sale gets you a commission.

If you would like to purchase our products in bulk for your retail operation, please fill out a wholesale application form on our Wholesale Website.

Our team is always looking to help anyone who is dedicated to promoting our products. Whether you need creatives to post, quick sales copy, or tips on creating content and generating sales. Simply contact your manger, and they will forward you to the correct department.

Yes! The coupon code that is given to followers can also be used by all team members to receive a discount.

There is no one specific thing that is required to become a successful Affiliate. You could have a website, a social media account, or any other outlet that may help you generate sales. The only requirement is that you abide by the Zelle Hemp Company Mission and represent the company with the upmost respect.

White-label Program

Present Your own Brand of High-quality Products